Natru Health

Prevention is better than cure. It is much easier and faster to treat an illness before it has developed into serious structural damage. Our bodies are intelligent. They give us signals that something is starting to break down. Headaches, stuffy noses, stomach pain, tiredness are examples of the body indicating that it is fighting off foreign invaders (viruses, bacteria, fungi, other micro-organisms, toxic chemicals) or that an organ or system of the body is not functioning as well as it should be. These symptoms are often ignored or blocked with medicine for pain or fever or excess mucous. The final result after a prolonged period of suppressing these symptoms is chronic conditions like insulin resistance, abnormal blood pressure, loss of libido, joint problems, skin problems, sinus congestion or excess fat tissue.

We regularly send our car to the mechanic for a service to ensure that it will keep running efficiently and to prevent the unnecessary breakdown of its parts. Our natural herbal Natru products do the same for your body. They are designed to provide what the body needs to repair the causes of a condition, so that when the symptoms improve, cure can take place. Natru products provide what the body needs to help repair and strengthen the whole body; its organs and systems, defending against future illness.They are made from whole plants that are traditionally used as organ support tonics. Our bodies are repairing themselves all the time. This ability is called homeostasis. It is only when we are no longer able to carry out this health maintaining repair that we become sick or develop symptoms such as excess fat tissue. Our products supply what the body needs for repair and rapid recovery. The result is freedom from tiredness, infections, pain, headaches, water retention, excess fat tissue ... the result is a return to optimal health and a vibrant life.