Here's What you Need to Know about Phytic Acid.

Pam West

Phytic acid is a unique natural substance found in plant seeds. It binds to essential nutrients in your digestive tract which stops you from being able to absorb essential nutrients, such as iron, zinc and calcium and may promote mineral deficiencies 

Food sources with the highest percentage of phytic acid are almonds, beans, Brazil nuts, brown rice, chick peas, coconut, corn, hazelnuts and lentils.

The good news is that phytic acid reduces mineral absorption during the meal but doesn't have any effect on subsequent meals, so eat them on their own as a snack, or have one meal of the day rich in phytic acid food and the other meals free of phytic acid foods. Also be sure to eat a varied balanced diet to avoid nutrient deficiencies.

Don’t cut Phytic acid foods completely from your menu, as they have many other health benefits, but eat them in moderation.

People who consume large amounts of phytic acid have higher rates of tooth decay, mineral deficiencies and osteoporosis.

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