NEW Ginkgo Facial Mist

We are so excited to be giving away this fabulous new product with all Gourmet Slimmers orders during the black friday weekend, from 26 to 29th November.

This wonderful therapeutic mist has benefits for the skin improving elasticity and moisture which is very valuable during the hot dry summer months, keeping your skin young and dewy. But, it also is a remedy for the whole body. Ginkgo biloba is a brain tonic, and this Dr Swainston Facial Mist packs a potent healing punch by improving cognitive function, circulation and health as a whole. It gives you an energiized burst when needed throughout the day, compare it to refreshing the page of your computer - a reset to continue afresh!

Worth R120, the Ginkgo Biloba Facial Mist Therapeutic Refresher will be our gift to you, and you'll be slim, fit and fabulous in time for Christmas.


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