Calcium and Bones

Pam West

Latest research has found that calcium supplements do not improve bone density.

A healthy, proper functioning thyroid is the best prevention of developing osteoporosis or brittle bones.

Researchers who analyzed more than 100 previous investigations say guidelines advising seniors to consume at least 1,000 to 1,200 milligrams of calcium a day are misplaced. No proof was found that boosting calcium intake beyond normal dietary levels strengthens older bones or prevents fractures, said researcher Dr. Mark Bolland.  Bolland said the findings probably will surprise clinicians and patients, "because they have received very strong messages for many years about the importance of calcium for bone health in guidelines for osteoporosis management and by osteoporosis advocacy groups." The findings appear in the British Medical Journal Sept. 30, 2015, issue.

The body's calcium metabolism is controlled by hormones released by the thyroid and the parathyroid glands. The thyroid hormone encourages uptake of calcium from the blood to strengthen the bones, and the parathyroid hormone has the opposite effect of releasing calcium from the bones to make it available for other vital functions in the body such as nerve function and muscle contraction. If your thyroid is underactive your body will not have sufficient calcium uptake hormone and osteoporosis starts to develop, and a sign that your thyroid is a little slow would be a gain in weight.

Clinical trials have shown that calcium supplements often cause minor gastrointestinal side effects such as constipation, Bolland said. "They also cause a small increased risk of kidney stones, heart attacks, high calcium levels and hospitalization with acute gastrointestinal symptoms."  Calcium is present in a lot of the foods we eat, so eating a normal diet that includes milk, cheeses, yoghurt, nuts, seeds and leafy greens, will provide more than enough calcium for our daily requirement, but only if our hormonal system is healthy.

Medical tests only pick up serious thyroid dysfunction, but your body produces signals before this stage that show there is a problem with thyroid function. Signs that your thyroid may be sluggish are dry skin, mood swings, feeling hot or cold, irregular heart beats, anxiety, loss of interest in sex, high blood pressure, hair loss, constipation, getting tired easily, trouble concentrating, brittle nails, depression or sadness, sore muscles, and
weight gain. Using Natru for slimmers at this stage will help to prevent deterioration of your thyroid function.
Healthy kidney function is also vital for proper calcium metabolism as the kidneys
 turn vitamin D into an active hormone, which helps increase calcium absorption from the intestines into the blood.

Natruslim is the best remedy for healthy optimally functioning thyroid and kidneys, and this has so many health benefits, including strong bones and a healthy weight. Take Natru for slimmers to ensure optimal thyroid function, drink one glass of fresh milk and eat one seed bar daily and your daily calcium requirements will be covered. (Don't drink long-life milk.)


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