Jarisch–Herxheimer Reaction

Pam West

Unexpectedly, being overweight can have little to do with our diet. Simple things like bacterial infections that give us conditions such as bronchitis or cystitis can act as catalysts for a very nasty effect - excess weight! And two brilliant dermatologists discovered the reason why. As our body's immune system or some anti-bacterial treatment destroys the bacteria, which is, of course a positive event, the destruction of the bacterial cell membrane results in the release of bacterial toxins into the bloodstream, which causes systemic inflammation.

If our immune system is not capable of clearing these toxins efficiently, we can end up in a long term condition of being overweight, and a horrible feeling of bloatedness. This can also happen as a temporary step in the initial curative process when you start a healing treatment, and the increase in your health, immunity and energy ensures that all these toxins are filtered out and removed from the bloodstream and body, and healthy weight loss ensues.

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