NatruBreathe to Stop Smoking

NatruBreathe to Stop Smoking

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Natru for smokers, Natrubreathe, is a natural remedy that produces an aversion to tobacco. It is much better than using a nicotine replacement because it is the nicotine that one is addicted to, so you are not really giving up by substituting cigarettes with another form of the same drug. Nicotine has a very powerful effect on the hormonal system, so when you give up smoking, your whole hormonal system becomes unbalanced which can lead to irritability, increased appetite and weight gain.

A unique feature of Natrubreathe is that it repairs the damage that your body has incurred due to long-term smoking, such as, to the heart, hormonal system and lungs. It also supports the nervous system, minimizing difficult withdrawal symptoms. A stronger nervous system makes you better able to cope with stress, so it becomes easier not to resort to the crutch of a cigarette, and by supporting the hormonal system it helps to prevent overeating and weight gain.

Natru for smokers improves your whole health as well as repairing the side effects you have developed from tobacco, so it helps you to overcome all the negative effects of giving up cigarette smoking. 

Natrubreathe is a natural holistic remedy that helps you to quit on a number of levels, helping you to give up smoking with ease. 

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Three months supply. R580   (save R290)

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