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A natural remedy that repairs the underlying causes of unsightly and painful skin conditions. As a tonic it restores liver function, improves the metabolism and it stimulates all the glands into proper function including the spleen and by doing so is healing the reasons why you have a skin problem. This remedy clears the complexion. Natruskin can be used for acne, psoriasis, dry eczema and is excellent for removing pimples during puberty.


Skin problems are often an outer reflection of internal problems and must be treated as such. Our skin is one of the four main organs responsible for the excretion of waste products, so when there is a skin dysfunction the other organs of excretion become stressed; these being the kidneys, the lungs and the bowels. NatruSkin supports the function of excretion, thereby reducing any added stress on these organs while the skin is repaired. Another cause of skin problems is a hormonal imbalance in which case your doctor usually prescribes `the pill'. The pill may have other undesired effects and is not repairing the problem as it has to be taken permanently. Natruskin repairs and strengthens the hormonal system which helps the body to repair the imbalance and the skin condition improves.

The  problem with antibiotic treatment is that antibiotics disrupt the friendly bacteria that exist on our skin which help protect the skin against other micro-organisms. It is best to heal the underlying cause of your skin condition with Natruskin to get long-term relief, instead of getting short-term relief with drugs such as antibiotics, hormones and suppressive creams.

One month supply. R278

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