Gourmet Slimmers Cookbook

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Delicious, and easy-to-make recipes, including meal plans that are designed to repair your general health which makes weight loss much easier.


  1. Support and strengthen the function of the kidneys for optimal blood filtration and detoxification.


  1. Act as natural diuretics to help remove excess fluid in the extracellular tissues.


  1. Replenish healthy gut bacteria for optimal digestion and absorption of food, and the manufacture and supply of essential vitamins.


  1. Help to maintain electrolyte levels, those of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium to return a proper ph balance to the body, to improve oxygenation for normal metabolism and removal of toxins and fat.


  1. Easily digested to facilitate better absorption and assimilation. Eating easily digestible foods is one way to make sure that your digestive system gets a break and can function more smoothly. Some foods are notorious for being difficult to digest, while others rate as being easily digested and passed through the system, or even improving your digestion by providing important bacteria it needs, as well as fiber to help balance out foods that don’t contain any fiber at all.


  1. Improve your general energy.


  1. Replenish nutrients like co-enzyme Q10, glutathione, chromium, zinc, selenium and coumaric acid that help to combat the negative effects of excess toxins.


  1. Facilitate in healthy DNA synthesis to improve cellular integrity and health.

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