Easier Weight Loss


The holistic approach is to repair the cause of the excess weight by supporting and strengthening organ function. In this case the body becomes strong enough to repair whatever the cause may be. The perfect natural solution for gourmet slimmers.

Some of the reasons for weight gain can be:  

  • Your appetite has increased because of hormonal imbalances, depression, boredom or because the digestive system cannot properly break down and absorb the food. Taking appetite suppressants in this situation will only aggravate the problem by making the body insensitive to its own hormonal messaging system. Natru for slimmers helps to repair the digestive system and Natru Fat Loss Accelerator repairs and supports the fat metabolic system to ensure fats are properly broken down to prevent accumulation of 'bad' fat in the body.
  • You are overworked, or not getting enough sleep which is proven to result in weight gain. Taking a fat burning product or increasing exercise at this point will make matters worse because what the body needs here is actually rest and sleep. Natrusoothe and Natrusleep both nourish the nervous system which gently help the body to rest. Natru for slimmers also helps in this situation because by supporting and strengthening the whole system, including the hormonal system (stress disturbs the hormonal balance which can cause sleeplessness) your body's natural circadian rhythms return.   
  • There is an ongoing minor immune response, and symptoms like headaches, joint pains, skin conditions, sneezing and sinus problems linger on, which makes tissues swell and your weight gain is more water retention than fat. Natru for slimmers too will help in these conditions, again by strengthening the whole body so that it can resolve any ongoing unresolved condition. Natrujoints is also useful to repair ongoing painful and swollen joints without the side effects of anti-inflammatories and painkillers. Natru System Cleanse is also very useful in the case where your body's strength is so low that it cannot overcome the foreign invader ( bacteria, virus, candida, worm) which is causing the ongoing immune response, as it will naturally kill off the parasite and free up your own energy to restore and repair the body and speed up weight loss.
  • Your excess weight may not be fat tissue at all, but the enlargement of an internal organ such as: impaction in the lungs from smoking or recurring lung infections; growth of uterine tissue in the abdominal cavity (endometriosis); enlarged heart due to too much physical exercise; etc. The weight may not be fat tissue at all. Dieting in such cases makes matters worse as it can deprive the body of nutrients it needs to function properly in such a dysfunctional state. Natru for slimmers helps the body to heal as a whole.  
  • You are on medication, like headache pills, anti-histamines, the pill, cortisone, HRT, anti-depressants and other medication which have side effects. Sometimes weight gain is one of the direct side effects of the medication that you are using. Natru for slimmers and Natru Fat Loss Accelerator help the body to metabolise chemical medication so that it can be properly broken down and removed which prevents a build up of the chemical and development of side effects.  
  • You have experienced a severe shock, like a surgical procedure, death of a loved one, financial difficulties or relationship problems, and the gland which produces the shock hormones cannot return to normal function. This effects the whole hormonal system and can cause an increase in appetite, water retention, high blood pressure, menstrual problems and many other symptoms. Natru for Slimmers, supports all the glands that produce and balance hormones, which enables your body to gently restore a normal hormone balance after such a trauma, and reduces the negative impact.
Natru for slimmers is the first product to use on your journey to a slim figure, as it has been designed to repair most of the reasons why a person gains weight.
This approach to slimming has been used safely and effectively to help people shed excess weight for over 20 years. Therapeutic blends of botanicals help the body to repair the underlying cause of excess weight without the need for stimulants nor appetite suppressants, and it is the best possible way for you to achieve a permanently slim figure and good health.