A Slimmers Starter Pack with Booster (3 months supply)

R 1,284.00

A Slimmer's Starter Pack includes 4 natural remedies that repair all the reasons why you have put on weight or that you are finding it difficult to lose weight. 

1. Natru for Slimmers has been designed to repair most of the reasons a person puts on weight, whether it be a hormonal imbalance including cortisol, a sluggish liver, a faulty thyroid, elevated stress levels, improper digestion, a slow or irritable bowel, a chronic medical condition with medication, etc, which has caused you to put on excess weight. It differs from other weight loss products, including natural slimming aids, because it does not burn off fat or speed up the metabolism or suppress the appetite, even though the fat is lost and the appetite does go down, but these happen because your body starts working properly. Reduces appetite. Drink 10 minutes before breakfast.

2. Natru Fat Loss Accelerator specifically assists in the removal of excess fat, in men and women, and it does this by assisting in proper and efficient fat metabolism. Natru Fat Loss Accelerator is the only product on the market that repairs and strengthens the function of the pancreas. In addition to producing insulin, the pancreatic juice contains enzymes that break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats, so a proper functioning pancreas is essential for easy, healthy and fast weight loss. Reduces cravings. Drink 10 minutes before lunch.

3. Natrurinec  supports and repairs the water balancing and detoxification system of the body. It speeds up your weight loss, as well as removes stubborn cellulite. Your energy levels improve as your body efficiently filters out any impurities from your bloodstream. Swollen ankles, puffiness under the eyes, lower back pain, bloatedness and cellulite are all remedies by Natrurinec. Drink 10 minutes before dinner.

4. Natru Booster helps you to get slim faster because it shifts metabolism from fat production to muscle development. Enjoy your carbs guilt-free with this booster that shifts your metabolism to burn carbohydrates to fuel daily activities instead of storing it as fat. It also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and neuroprotective properties, and helps you to lose weight in otherwise difficult conditions. Drink last thing at night before going to bed.

A Slimmers Starter Pack will restore hormonal balance and proper organ function, helping you lose weight without going on a strict diet.

Used as directed, this starter pack will last you for 3 months.



"I lost 10kg in two months. I used to suffer terribly from abdominal gas and bloatedness due to having an irritable bowel. These symptoms have completely disappeared. My wife is delighted. She has also experienced improvement in that her water retention problem is now solved." Mr Pieter Zaayman

"I used to wear size 16 clothes and weighed 86kg. After three months I lost 26kg! I wear size 10 clothing and my weight has remained stable at 60kg for two years now." Samantha

“I was a body builder from the age of 18, but stopped going to the gym nine years ago. I continued eating as though still body building. During this time my weight soared to 133kg. I had a slight thyroid condition which also aggravated the problem. After 3 months, even though my eating habits are not the best, I lost 25kg. My general health has improved and I feel good. The thyroid problem has completely disappeared.” Mr Schneider.

"I gained weight after having two babies within two years. I lost 4kg in one month, and felt particularly good too." Mrs de Vries

"I have already lost 20kg in 2 months. It has also helped in controlling my appetite. I now eat less naturally." Mrs Patricia Motlhagodi


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