The Herbal Guide to Permanent Weight Loss

R 299.00

This book gives easy-to-follow guidelines on how to make your own herbal weight loss remedy. 

It lists the various herbs that are useful and also how to make up the final product for maximum effect for the best results.

You will also find useful information on different foods and their health properties, and a guide on how to eat well so that you can lose weight easily while eating a normal balanced diet.

The book describes a healthy and holistic approach to permanently solving your weight problem, reveals the underlying reasons why we become overweight, and explains how we can use food for its therapeutic as well as nutritive value.

Excess weight is a result of certain imbalances and dysfunctions within the body such as insulin resistance, hormone imbalances, blood pressure problems, high cholesterol,  improper digestion and so on that need to be healed for permanent weight loss to take place, and the book explains how to use herbs to heal these conditions while at the same time facilitating easy weight loss.

The unique approach to slimming described in this book will help you shed those unwanted kilos - permanently and naturally. At the same time you will detoxify and regulate your body, restoring your heath and slim figure. 

This book is a digital download and you will received the download link by email when you buy it. 

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