For Energy

The use of energy drinks or coffee will give you a burst of energy, as they artificially cause a spike in hormones that increase metabolic rate, but after the boost, you become more tired than you were to begin with if you do not supply, firstly, sufficient good quality nutrients to support the body during the increased activity and, secondly, support to the systems that are undergoing artificially induced energy.

There are a number of causes for tiredness, other than lack of sleep: a sluggish liver with increased toxicity levels in the system, nervous exhaustion from long-standing stress, decreased oxygenation of the body due to circulatory insufficiency or anaemia, and more.

Natru remedies improve energy by restoring the metabolism to optimum by repairing the hormonal glands responsible for energy levels. A high level of stored toxins in the body also leads to tiredness, and our Natru remedies stimulate the removal of toxins, raising your energy levels by unclogging your metabolic pathways

Natru remedies improve your energy levels by optimizing your health and repairing any dysfunction that may be causing lassitude. And be sure to get enough sleep!

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