Natru System Cleanse
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Natru System Cleanse

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Natru System Cleanse is made from whole plants that are known to kill parasites; including Candida, worms and harmful bacteria. 

A person that is overweight often has internal parasites. Parasites can be visible such as worms or invisible to the naked eye such as single-celled parasites like bacteria. There are two reasons that these organisms alter our metabolisms and affect our weight loss.

Firstly, the organisms themselves give off toxic waste which is poisonous to our system. This overburdens our excretory organs such as the liver, kidneys and lungs. Secondly, the parasite creates an on-going immune response within our system which causes our tissues to swell up. Just like being stung by a bee can cause an enormous swelling which has nothing to do with fat tissue, the presence of parasites can cause our insides to swell which make us feel and look fat.

It is difficult to imagine that we have internal parasites when we maintain a good standard of living, but it is easy to become infected by parasites. For example, fruit and vegetables have microscopic larvae, pets carry numerous parasites that are easily transmitted, meat and fish that are not thoroughly cooked are a common source of infection. Antibiotics or low immunity can lead to candida, and we are constantly exposed to numerous bacteria which can cause infection. 

Natru System Cleanse is an effective blend of potent traditional anti-parasitic botanicals that free up the body's own energy for repair and restoration, and speeds up weight loss.

One month supply. R255

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