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Gourmet Slimmers helps you to lose weight easily, naturally, safely and permanently by repairing the cause.

Specialists in weight management, with leading research in natural medicine, have developed our range of organ support herbal tonics that are well-proven to assist in fast, healthy and long-term weight loss. Our unique natural remedies are made from whole plants that treat the cause of a condition by restoring healthy function to the various organs and systems involved. These unique specialist remedies are more focused and concentrated than products found on the shelf in pharmacies and health shops, due to the preparation method used that delivers maximum potency of their therapeutic composites. This ensures rapid results and a boost to all-round health and well-being.

Losing weight is not about dieting, losing weight is about getting healthy. Gourmet Slimmers enables you to lose weight while eating the same food as your family and friends, by repairing the cause of your excess weight. The fact is that, in most cases, when you are experiencing difficulty losing weight it is because an organ or system in the body has stopped working normally. The first step you have probably taken is to cut down on your food intake and increased your activity level. This route works for most people, although not everyone, but a reduced calorie diet and intense training programme are not sustainable for most people, and weight lost using this approach is usually regained if the underlying cause is not repaired.

Another route people take is the use of slimming aids. Most of these will result in losing weight but the fact that they all contain stimulants such as caffeine, hoodia, guarana or fat blockers like garcinia and fibre, means that the weight loss will not be permanent. If this route has been taken, most people actually put on more weight than they lost using the slimming aid because it has added further damage to the underlying cause of the excess weight.

Our holistic approach is to repair the cause of the excess weight by supporting and strengthening organ function. In this case the body becomes strong enough to repair whatever the cause may be.

Our approach to slimming has been used safely and effectively to help people shed excess weight for over 25 years. This therapeutic blend of botanicals do not contain stimulants or suppressants, instead they help the body to repair and strengthen organ function which then enables the body to heal the underlying cause of your excess weight. It is the best possible way for you to achieve a healthy long-term slim figure and good health.

These specialist remedies are not sold in shops. Find our bestselling products on our home page or visit the All Product page for our complete range, and shop securely online by credit card or eft. See the 'How to Order' page for our bank details if you prefer to order offline. Delivery by courier to your door is free. 

Begin your journey to healthy permanent weight loss with us today and we'll help you all the way.