Natru remedies detoxify

Detoxification is an essential yet little understood process that has to take place for weight loss to be healthy and long lasting.

The body uses fat tissue as storage for substances that it cannot remove because it hasn't got the time or energy. The more medicines and denatured food we take in, the more overloaded the body becomes. The liver has to break down these chemicals and the kidneys have to filter them out of the bloodstream so that they can be excreted in the urine. The other avenues of detoxification are the skin, nose and lungs.

From the moment you start to use Natru remedies, fat tissue is broken down and detoxification begins. If you have been on chronic medication for a long time, or have taken pain pills, antibiotics, sinus medication, the pill, HRT, antidepressants, etc.  there is a build up of these chemicals in your fat cells.

We know that chickens and cows that are given antibiotics and hormones are bad for us because of the remnants of these drugs in their produce. Humans also store medicines that they have been given, and the more chemicals you have been exposed to, the more you will feel the symptoms of detoxification when you start using Natru remedies for slimming.

The symptoms of detoxification can include:

  • Skin breakouts
  • Bloating, stomach pains
  • Headaches
  • Food cravings
  • Trouble sleeping, nightmares
  • Diarrhea and constipation
  • Fatigue, drowsiness, low energy levels
  • Irritability
  • Congestion or mucus that feels like a cold

Using Natru remedies is a much faster and easier way to detoxify than going on a juice fast or on a raw food diet. Your body detoxes while you live a normal lifestyle.

Keep taking your Natru remedies through the detoxification period to support organ function. Not everyone experiences detoxification symptoms, it just depends on how much toxicity is in your system. The symptoms pass as the toxins are excreted, your weight will come down, your energy will pick up and your appetite and cravings will go down - and as an added bonus your general health improves greatly as well.


Cure the cause of your excess weight

Take Natru for Slimmers as part of your weight loss programme, to help you lose weight easier when you are on a weight loss regime, as it makes sure all your organs and systems are in good health.

Here is a quote from Jackson and Teague's book The Handbook of Alternatives to Chemical Medicine: "Before embarking on a weight-loss programme, you should check to be sure that the problem is not due to a thyroid condition or other organ malfunction. If it is, then you must work to restore that organ to proper functioning before attempting to lose the weight it has caused you to gain. Once you have ascertained that all the organs are functioning properly, you must examine and correct your diet, exercise programme, and mental attitude towards weight."  So many people struggle through the most stringent diet and exercise programmes, losing weight slowly and painfully (living each day with excruciating hunger pangs), when there is no need to do so. Natru for slimmers  strengthens and repairs many organs' functions so that you can lose weight easily, and also keep it off when returning to a normal lifestyle.

Water and weight

Water retention is a huge factor in excess weight. Weight is not always fat tissue, and a good indicator of whether you suffer from water retention is if your weight goes up and down day by day. Most people are prescribed diuretics which if taken long term results in a magnesium deficiency. The less magnesium in the system the more calcium your body will absorb, leading to excess calcium in the system. Symptoms of this are tiredness, depression, slow metabolism, defensiveness, muscle weakness, general pain, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, constipation, kidney stones and gallstones. Too much magnesium will have the opposite effect of reducing the level of calcium in the body and can lead to osteoporosis. Natru for slimmers balances water in the body by normalizing both the hormonal system and urinary system. Use Natru for slimmers together with Natrurinec if you have a history of bladder and kidney problems because Natrurinec has been specifically designed to strengthen and repair the whole urinary system.


Fat loss

Losing weight is difficult. Fat is an overgrowth of tissue, tissue that has gotten out of control. The medical viewpoint when any other tissue becomes abnormally large is usually to remove it surgically and not to repair the cause of the growth. Excess fat on the other hand is seen as a result of excessive behaviour which the individual must sort out by themselves, using diet and exercise. However there are many instances where diet and exercise do not solve the problem because the growth of the fat is a symptom of a dysfunction often involving hormonal changes that are beyond the reach of exercise and diet. It is in situations like these that Natru for slimmers is particularly beneficial .


Chronic inflammation causes weight gain

Irritants such as junk food, chemical medicines and even stress may trigger excessive inflammatory reactions, and as we age this response can become overreactive and cause an ongoing low-level inflammation resulting in excess weight. Research shows that in addition to excess weight, inflammation is a root cause of IBS, arthritis, diabetes, stroke and cancer.

Fat cells in lean people promote a healthy metabolism. Fat cells of overweight people increase the number of white blood cells that promote inflammation and can lead to insulin resistance. 

Proteins and carbohydrates are broken down and then absorbed through the blood capillaries of the small intestine. When fat is broken down, on the other hand, it is absorbed via the lymphatic ducts of the small intestines and not the blood capillaries, which is why there is a strong link between the health of the lymphatic system and excess fat, especially around your belly. The presence of fat in the abdomen is primarily a symptom of a dysfunctional lymphatic system.

So, there are two reasons why a healthy lymphatic system is vital to healthy and permanent weight loss. Firstly because it moderates immunity, and secondly because it transports fat around the body. Natru for Slimmers supports, repairs and strengthens the lymphatic system, normalising the immune response and removing excess fat tissue.


Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is not a disease but a symptom with no single or definitive cause. Factors affecting blood pressure are stress, genetic inheritance, dietary errors and excessive lifestyles. Drug treatment can be aimed at fluid elimination by increasing the kidney output (diuretics), expansion of the contracted blood vessels to reduce the effort needed by the heart to pump blood though the vessels (vasodilators), or blocking the body's receptors for stress hormones (beta blockers). These drugs may successfully lower the blood pressure, but they leave the underlying cause of the elevated blood pressure unchanged.

If there is fluid retention, it is important to improve the function of the kidneys and repair the endocrine glands that produce the water balancing hormones rather than to rely on diuretics. Liver function must be repaired and supported to reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol in the case of arteriosclerosis. Supporting the glands that are overworked in a person enduring chronic stress will normalize circulating levels of the blood pressure elevating hormones. Our remedies, including Natru for slimmers, NatruBP, and Natrurinec are useful for people with high blood pressure as they systemically strengthen the whole person and thereby enable the body to normalize blood pressure.

High protein & fat diet, pros and cons

Many people cannot lose weight on diet due to glandular and digestion insufficiencies which is why Natru for slimmers is important, as it help to repair both of these systems. The latest high protein and high fat diet craze may not be best for you because your body needs enzymes produced by the pancreas, stomach and duodenum in order to properly digest proteins. Proper stomach acid secretion is also essential for the proper break down of proteins in the stomach. You may lose weight on a high protein/fat diet but if your digestive system is dysfunctional you will not be able to absorb the food you eat and a proportion of the weight loss will be loss of your own muscle tissue which means that when you return to a normal diet you may put on more weight than you lose, because the muscle tissue is replaced by fat. Also proper bile production and secretion is required to break down dietary fats so that they are not bad for you. The media now presents the concept that you can eat much higher amounts of saturated fats, but if your fat digestive system is not working well this high fat diet will have a seriously negative effect such as arteriosclerosis and stroke risks. If your pancreas is not working optimally you will not be breaking down the proteins you eat which will result in weight loss but also a deterioration in your general health. Using Natru for slimmers will ensure that whichever eating plan you choose, you will lose weight the healthy way and your general health will benefit too. This results in long term, permanent and healthy weight loss.

Olive oil

It is commonly known that olive oil is good for our health. One reason for this is due to the fact that it is the only oil that is rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a real wonderfood, because it has the following effects: it stimulates the immune system; it combats anaemia; it eradicates fungal infestations in the body; it cleanses the blood of circulating toxins; it has an anti-carcinogenic effect; and it is a breath freshener, amongst other very life giving properties. Tip: Extra virgin olive oil has the highest concentration of chlorophyll and a good quality oil will have a greenish tinge.

Weight and fat are not the same.

Sometimes what we think is fat is actually swollen tissue. When an organ is overworked it can become enlarged, like the heart for instance. Sometimes when a person has suffered from chronic constipation there is an accumulation of matter in the colon which adds weight. Sometimes when a woman has had years of menstrual problems she can develop endometriosis or her uterus has not reverted back to its original size after childbirth. When you decide that you are ready to commit to losing weight, don't imagine yourself embarking on a strict dietary and vigorous exercise regime, but rather that you need to restore your body to good health, because no matter what the reason for your increase in size, you can be sure that there is a dysfunction in one or more organs and systems that needs to be repaired, and Natru for slimmers will help to do just that. Once a certain amount of repair has been established, you can start choosing what you eat more carefully and, gradually, as your mood improves and your drive returns, you can become more active.


Sucrose stimulates the gene expression that makes fat, so cut down on sugar if you want to lose fat tissue. Natru Fat Loss Accelerator is directed at this level to support the body in its fat metabolism and thereby reduce the deposit of excess fat tissue. The most important step in adjusting your diet is to cut down on refined sugar.

Rest is important for stable weight

Extreme tiredness is quite common, and we are not always aware of just how tired we are. Rest is absolutely required when you are feeling tired because the nervous system is being overtaxed and needs to recover. Tiredness can also be due to sluggish liver function and high toxicity levels in which case our remedies are very useful in restoring energy levels by addressing these issues. Energy crutches are easily available now at your local cafe or grocery store in the form of energy drinks packed with caffeine. If however you take stimulants like caffeine, taurine, guarana, and so on, in time you will actually worsen the reason for your tiredness which will result in a more serious health condition developing. One energy drink packs as much caffeine as 4 cups of coffee. Caffeine used to be a drug that was found only in pharmaceutical medicines, now it has become a beverage additive. The bad news is that caffeine is addictive, you start to crave more and more of it and your body builds up a tolerance to it, meaning that you have to increase the quantity with time to experience the same stimulating effect. Caffeine like all other drugs has side effects. It constricts the blood vessels and raises blood pressure, it stimulates the release of stress hormones so that your body is continually in 'fight or flight' mode, it drains the blood supply away from the stomach to the muscles which leads to indigestion and maybe the worst side effect is that it reduces insulin sensitivity, which with time will lead to what has become a common symptom in many overweight people, insulin resistance. 

All calories are not equal

There are good calories and bad calories, just as there are good fats and bad fats. Even though sugar is essential for many metabolic functions, especially brain function, it is toxic if too much is eaten. The ill effects of sugar are worse when the calories come from food that contains little or no nutritional benefit. So, for instance the sugar in fruit is beneficial because it comes together with many other nutrients, but the sugar in a soda cooldrink has a mostly negative effect, especially on your blood sugar levels and insulin metabolism. Without nutritional substance, the body does not feel sated, and seeks more sweets and this is why sugar can be addictive. Do not go substituting artificial sweeteners to satisfy your sweet tooth as the artificial sweetener cannot be used at all by the body and the reason why you are craving sugar, the need for energy, is not being addressed. Without the sugar that you need to function under high pressure conditions you may find that certain metabolic systems are going to malfunction. So do eat sweet foods, just choose them carefully and do not eat too much of them. Tip: If you have a sweet tooth, keep a handful of dates with you. Dates are intensely sweet so will satisfy your sweet craving but at the same time are packed with many healthy nutrients. A little chocolate is good for you, but choose dark chocolate as milk chocolate has too much added fat and sugar, and white chocolate is made only from cocoa fat so a definite no-no.

Eat regularly

Do not skip meals. You need to eat three meals a day and also have two small snacks with a drink mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Skipping meals usually results in overeating at the next meal which makes digestion difficult. Starving lowers your metabolic rate which means that fewer calories are burned, and if you persist, your metabolism can become less efficient which can result in eventual weight gain.

Fatty degeneration of internal organs

There comes a point in some peoples' lives where losing weight becomes extremely difficult. The reason being that fat tissue has actually replaced organ tissue in the liver, sometimes in other organs too such as the heart and kidneys. This is called fatty degeneration . After years of taking over the counter medicines like painkillers, anti-histamines, muscle relaxants, drinking too many sugary drinks or alcohol and being exposed to high levels of environmentlal pollutants has caused the liver to replace its lost cells by fat tissue because its power to regenerate has become interfered with. This is why so many people say that they can eat very little and yet they still do not lose weight, or that they lose weight and then reach a point where no matter what they do they can't seem to lose any more. In such a case it is essential help the body to repair organ function in order to be able to lose weight. This is a perfect example of why Natru for slimmers and Natru Fat Loss Accelerator are so useful, because they do not artificially speed up metabolism or suppress appetite, but actually assists in organ repair and by doing so the metabolic rate increases and appetite decreases as the body becomes healthier.

Your body needs cholesterol

Cholesterol has experienced some very bad press in the media for quite some time now, but it must be remembered that cholesterol is the basic building block for many hormones ie. estrogen, progesterone, cortisone, testosterone and DHEA. So if you are taking a cholesterol lowering medication, a direct side effect is a hormonal imbalance. Natru for slimmers and Natru Fat Loss Accelerator are excellent for you if you are in this position. and they also help to reduce the side effects of the medication.

Healthy fats

Make sure that the fats you eat are as fresh as possible. So eat unheated extra virgin olive oil, fatty fish (preferably fresh), eggs cooked with a soft yolk (research recently released states that the cholesterol in eggs helps to build good cholesterol in the body). Avoid processed and prepared foods, especially pastries and desserts (unless you have made them freshly yourself), and don't eat too much cheese which has a huge fat content of over 50% of its mass.

Sleep well

Sleep nowadays is something many people have very little of, with the stresses of the day making it difficult to fall asleep, or the various electronic entertainment facilities dumbing our senses of tiredness. Research has found that people who get too little sleep tend to put on weight. We also tend to eat when we are tired to help us to keep awake. Tip: Get at least 8 hours sleep a night and if you cannot fall asleep, don't be tempted by sleeping pills, try our Natrusleep instead.


It is not surprising that the Italians sprinkle chopped parsley on every dish that leaves the kitchen. Parsley contains a very high percentage of a vitamin that helps to prevent bone loss and an oil that neutralizes carcinogens, particularly in the lungs.Tip: Keep a parsley potplant on your kitchen windowsill and nibble on a sprigg every now and again, not only will your breath be fresh but your cells will be smiling too!


Dieters usually avoid bananas because they are starchy, but bananas are one of the best foods to eat while dieting as they are one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin B6, which is responsible for the body metabolising glucose from stored glycogen. They are also rich in an amino acid that leads to reduction in appetite and mood upliftment. Bananas have an anti-inflammatory action which makes them good to eat if you are suffering with a stomach ulcer, and also soothe all other aches and pains. Eat a banana a day for a low calorie and highly nutritious snack. Tip: When you crave starch, reach for a banana instead of bread or pastry.

Back pain

Scientists have found a link between long-term back pain and an infection with bacteria commonly found on human skin that is involved in causing acne. Treatment with an anti-bacterial to clear the infection can bring an end to the constant lower back pain and all the misery that comes with it - offering a simpler, better and much cheaper option than surgery. It is estimated that almost 80% of the world's population will have lower back pain once in their lives, and many of these develop chronic back pain. Back pain is the most common reason for absence from work. The bacteria invade the injury sites of spinal discs and cause painful inflammation, as well as harming surrounding vertebrae. Nearly half of all people with disc problems test positive for bacterial infection. Tip: Natrurinec restores urinary system health and may also help your chronic lower back pain.


Fiber helps you lose weight because it fills your belly, it acts like a sponge, it's slower to be digested and absorbed, so it makes you feel full. It also provides bulk, which aids elimination, and it helps lower blood cholesterol. It is recommended to have 25g of fibre daily. This is not that easy as most fruits and vegetables have only about 1 g fibre. All bran cereal has the highest fibre content, beans, wholewheat bread and brown rice are also rich in fibre. There is an exception to this high fibre rule! It is best to have a low fibre diet when your metabolic rate is slow due to a sluggish thyroid. Constipation is one of the symptoms, together with tiredness, hair loss, water retention, dry skin, etc., that your thyroid is not working in good health. A high fibre diet in this condition can lead to impaction in the intestines because your intestines do not have the strength to move the large mass along due to a low metabolism. Use Natru for slimmers for the thyroid and during the period of strengthening the thyroid and improving metabolism, eat high protein foods and apples. Avoid wheat products including bran, cereals and bread (even wholewheat) all together and eat foods rich in iodine like cranberries, fresh milk and seafood.

Polycystic ovaries and weight

If you have insulin resistance, your ability to use insulin effectively is impaired, and your pancreas has to secrete more insulin to make glucose available to cells. Excess insulin might also affect the ovaries by increasing androgen production, which may interfere with the ovaries' ability to ovulate. Your body's white blood cells produce substances to fight infection in a response called inflammation. Research has shown that women with ovarian cysts have low-grade inflammation that stimulates polycystic ovaries to produce male hormones.

It is said that obesity is one of the causes of polycystic ovaries and that one should lose weight to improve the condition. However, it is actually the other way around. It is the fact that the ovaries have cysts which disrupts the hormonal system and cause one to gain weight. The polycystic ovaries produce a male hormone which cause the other unpleasant symptoms of the syndrome such as excess dark facial hair, acne and hair loss.

Natru for slimmers has helped many women with polycystic ovaries to lose weight. By repairing the whole system, the hormonal balance returns and the low grade inflammation eases; the result is weight loss in otherwise impossible instances.

Natru remedies detoxify

Using Natru remedies is a much faster and easier way to detoxify than going on a juice fast or on a raw food diet. Your body detoxes while you live a normal lifestyle.