Meal Planning for Mental Health Event

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Opitmizing nutrition is the safe and viable way to avoid or lessen mental health issues. Nutrition matters. Poor nutrition is a significant and modifiable risk factor for the development of mental illness. 

The most important nutrients for brain function with their richest dietary sources are:

Folate - spinach, cos lettuce

Vitamin B12 - clams, lamb

omega 3 fatty acid - fish oil, flaxseeds

vitamin B6 - chicken breast, bananas

vitamin B2 - coffee, beef

and the more you eat a mediterranean unprocessed diet the better your mental health. The more you eat a typical western diet of processed food, sugary artificial beverages, long-life foods and takeaways the worse your mental health.

Join Gourmet Slimmers for a fun morning of discussion of food, recipes and planning your menu's with supporting and strengthening mental health as its focus.

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