Specialty Health Teas

We are excited to introduce you to the new range of healthy specialty Natru Teas.

Sourced from all around the world, they bring the unique and sometimes rare plants that have been used traditionally in European cultures for centuries, that can be infused alone as beverages or added to dishes for flavour as well as health benefits.

You can now become your own expert as we provide most of the teas that you find in books such as The Holistic Herbal or Nicholas Culpeper's famous Culpeper's Complete Herbal. 

Treat your family and friends to health boosting beverages and home-cooked foods with extra nutritional, healing and anti-oxidant boosts!

All are loose teas protectively sealed and packaged in attractive boxes as above.

Here is the list of Natru Teas with their common names and latin names:


  1. Cleavers / Galium aparine - R41.00
  2. Black cohosh / Actaea racemosa - R39.00
  3. Bladderwrack / Fucus vesiculosus - R32.00
  4. Buchu / Agathosma betulina - R31.00
  5. Chaste Tree Berries / Agnus castus - R52.00
  6. Dandelion / Taraxacum officinale - R30.00
  7. Feverfew / Tanacetum parthenium - R36.00
  8. Goldenseal / Hydrastis canadensis - R99.00
  9. Greater Celandine / Chelidonium majus - R68.00
  10. Hawthorn Berries / Crataegus monogyna - R45.00
  11. Hops / Humulus lupulus - R33.00
  12. Horsetail / Equisetum arvense - R44.00
  13. Juniper Berries / Juniperus communis - R46.00
  14. Marigold / Calendula officinalis - R39.00
  15. Milkthistle / Silybum marianum - R47.00
  16. Passion Flower / Passiflora - R52.00
  17. Plantain / Plantago - R41.00
  18. Pokeroot / Phytolacca americana - R95.00
  19. Purple Coneflower / Echinacea purpurea - R38.00
  20. Rue / Ruta graveolens - R55.00
  21. Sarsaprilla / Smilax ornata - R75.00
  22. Saw Palmetto Berries / Serenoa repens - R86.00
  23. St John's Wort / Hypericum perforatum - R 43.00
  24. Witchhazel / Hamamelis - R29.00
  25. Willow Herb / Epilobium angustifolium - R58.00
  26. Wormwood / Artemisia absinthium - R32.00

How to order:

Please send an email with the type of tea and number of boxes of each you would like to order, with your physical address and cell number to orders@natru.co.za and you will be sent an invoice for eft payment.

Pam at Gourmet Slimmers on 076 493 5640 can help if you need to speak to someone.


If there is any herb that you are looking for that is not on the above list, drop us an email at orders@natru.co.za and we will try and source it for you.