Liver Detox Cleansing Diet with 7 Day Eating Plan

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Liver Detox Cleansing Diet with 7 Day Eating Plan

There are many ways that a person can lose weight, even with success. And yet, if the liver, gall bladder and hormonal balance are not restored to healthy normal function, the weight lost will always return.

Many people, on the other hand, try everything to lose weight and they just can't manage. Diet, exercise, pills and shakes, injections and surgery - the options are endless and confusing, but they still can't get it right.

This book explains why people put on weight, and includes a 7 day eating plan that combines healing and detoxifying foods for the fastest weight loss results. Foods that detoxify the liver. Foods that balance hormones. Foods that will have you bursting with energy in no time at all. And, of course, you will also lose weight with great success!

The book also contains a useful guide on all you need to know about how to use food for the vital nutrients they contain to target specific organs and systems in the body to get the best weight loss results from the food you eat. 

This book is a digital download and you will received the download link by email when you buy it. 

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