Natru for Slimmers

R 345.00

Natru for Slimmers has been designed to repair most of the reasons a person puts on weight, whether it be a hormonal imbalance including cortisol, a sluggish liver, a faulty thyroid, elevated stress levels, improper digestion, a tired heart, a slow or irritable bowel, a chronic medical condition with medication, etc, which has caused you to put on excess weight. It differs from other weight loss products, including natural slimming aids, because it does not contain stimulants.

It helps to burn off fat, speed up the metabolism and suppress the appetite, only because your body starts working properly, so there are no negative effects.

How it works

It helps you to lose weight fast because the whole body is supported to function optimally. It does not force the body into action or take over any natural function or block any messaging system, it helps to heal the underlying cause of your excess weight. Because it supports the body as a whole, weight loss occurs that much faster. This natural formula does not have any side effects and you cannot become dependent on it. Once you reach your ideal weight you can stop using it and your weight will remain stable.

To lose weight gently and confidently, for more permanent results, don't go on diet to begin with. After about 10 days, once a certain amount of repair and detoxification has taken place, your appetite will go down and your cravings will begin to fade. Your body needs various nutrients as tools for repair and sometimes on a strict diet you may not actually be eating what your body needs to do the repair work. Cravings are usually the body's way of ensuring it has enough of a particular nutrient to manage to function in the dysfunctional state that it is in. Just like a car that needs a service requires more petrol and oil to drive at the same speed as a car with a properly functioning engine. The cravings fade and appetite normalizes as health is regained.

It is good for your whole health, and weight loss is one of the many benefits you will gain from using it. People using Natru for Slimmer have also experienced improvement in diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, insulin resistance, thyroid problems, rheumatic pain, skin problems, hot flushes and irritable bowel syndrome.

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