REAL DEAL - Slimmers Starter Pack with free Booster
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REAL DEAL - Slimmers Starter Pack with free Booster

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This Real Deal includes  

A Slimmer's Starter Pack includes 4 natural remedies that repair all the reasons why you have put on weight or that you are finding it difficult to lose weight. plus a Booster.

1. Natru for Slimmers has been designed to repair most of the reasons a person puts on weight, whether it be a hormonal imbalance including cortisol, a sluggish liver, a faulty thyroid, elevated stress levels, improper digestion, a slow or irritable bowel, a chronic medical condition with medication, etc, which has caused you to put on excess weight. It differs from other weight loss products, including natural slimming aids, because it does not burn off fat or speed up the metabolism or suppress the appetite, even though the fat is lost and the appetite does go down, but these happen because your body starts working properly. Reduces appetite. Drink 10 minutes before breakfast.

2. Natru Fat Loss Accelerator specifically assists in the removal of excess fat, in men and women, and it does this by assisting in proper and efficient fat metabolism. Natru Fat Loss Accelerator is the only product on the market that repairs and strengthens the function of the pancreas. In addition to producing insulin, the pancreatic juice contains enzymes that break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats, so a proper functioning pancreas is essential for easy, healthy and fast weight loss. Reduces cravings. Drink 10 minutes before lunch.

3. Natrurinec supports and repairs kidney function and the detoxification system of the body. It speeds up your weight loss, as well as removes stubborn cellulite. Your energy levels improve as your body efficiently filters out any impurities from your bloodstream. Swollen ankles, puffiness under the eyes, lower back pain, bloatedness and cellulite are all remedies by Natrurinec. Drink 10 minutes before dinner.

4. Natru System Cleanse which kills any micro-organism which may be draining your energy and preventing you from losing weight. Drink last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

Used as directed, this starter pack will last you for 3 months.

Save with our Slimmer's Starter Pack price of R750

Normal price for all remedies would be R1539

PLUS Get a FREE Natru Booster worth R355,

Natru Booster helps you to get slim faster because it shifts metabolism from fat production to muscle development. Enjoy your carbs guilt-free with this booster that shifts your metabolism to burn carbohydrates to fuel daily activities instead of storing it as fat. Get lean and slim easily and naturally with Natru Booster.

Natru Booster intensifies the natural  function of enzymes in the body which helps you to lose fat tissue noticeably, and without the negative side effects of stimulants. The increase rate in this transformation takes place because the natural processes are given a helping hand by Natru Booster to do the job more efficiently.

While eating a normal balanced diet, your transformation from fat to lean and slim takes place effortlessly.

Total saving R789

Between 26 and 29 November you will receive two packs for the price of one. For R750 you get 10 products plus the Ginkgo Biloba Facial Mist.

Total Black Friday savings R2448.

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